Error 403 when try to view logs via GUI (proxied)

Hello dear forum.
I got some errors after proxy pass tcp 10000 to localhost using tutor either here or here

So what kind of error are they?

It not always happen, but soetims when I try to remove files from File Manager or view logs via GUI I got error 403 aat bottom

What it might be?

or when I edit a file


I can edit them (remove create and do other stuff) via CLI though, but wanted to be able to do this via GUI as well

ahh got it
that’s because it’s behind cloudflare

The easiest solution to all “a proxy broke Webmin/Virtualmin” is to simply not proxy it. You can create as many names as you want within your zones, you don’t have to proxy all of them. There is no benefit to proxying Webmin through Cloudflare, so easiest to just provide yourself and your users a path to Webmin that is not through a proxy.

If you must proxy it, you have to configure it to operate through a proxy. This is covered in the FAQ (at least for Apache and nginx, I dunno how Cloudflare might be different): FAQs | Webmin

yeah You’re right
I’ve just removed Cloudflares"s “DNS proxy” option. Now it’s good!

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