Epoch number in SOA


Can anyone tell me why webmin (or is it Bind?) uses an epoch number in the soa for DNS zone records instead of the ISO number?

It occasionally causes issues. I assume I can just overwrite it with an ISO number?

I’m presuming it comes from Webmin. I imagine the reason is because it will have incremented properly since the previous edit, it fits within the 32bit numbering scheme allowed by DNS SOA records, and doesn’t need any extra code to assemble or interpret a particular format.

You can change the numbering as you wish, so long as it increments. I change mine to the common YYYYMMDDxx format.

Thanks. I have changed it to the ISO system. Appreciate your response.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for the screenshot but where on webmin/virtualmin is that page? I have looked everywhere and searched for various strings on the page but cannot find it.


Searching for BIND paths . . . . . found 0 results :
No Webmin modules or pages matching BIND paths were found.


Searching for Configuration for module BIND DNS server . . . . . found 0 results :
No Webmin modules or pages matching Configuration for module BIND DNS server were found.

Do I need to install the bind8 module to get that page?

You already have the bind module. It is included in Webmin. It’s the module configuration for BIND DNS Server module. Click the gear icon in the top left of the module front page.

Hi Joe,

Thanks again. Amazing how the obvious evades perception from time to time!

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