Ensim migrations, but but do not know the password


I have taken over to host 20+ domians that were on an Ensim server, I have the backups but do not know the passwords for each domain.
Is there any way round this ?
This is urgent because the original Ensim server is down and I want to migrate from the backups ASAP.
My server is Virtailmin Pro (latest version) and Centos 5.0



I’m not too familiar with the Ensim migrations – are you getting a message suggesting that Virtualmin can’t determine the admin password from the backup files?

If you happen to have the /etc/shadow file from the Ensim server, you could always copy the the encrypted passwords from within it – restore the backups using a temporary password – then copy in the encrypted password from the shadow file on your Ensim server to the shadow file on your new one. Again, I’m not familiar with how Ensim does things, but I suspect that might work.

Otherwise, the best I could offer is that the remainder of the restore should go well – you could always reset their passwords, and notify them of their new admin password.

I recently migrated a full Ensim Pro server and ran into the same thing. At first it seemed I needed to fill in the exiting password. I then discovered I could use any password.