Enp0s25 down when moving hard drives to a new machine

I need to replace a machine, knowing that Linux doesn’t care about HW I just moved the hard drives from machine A to machine B. It booted just fine but it is throwing the error that enp0s25’s status is down when doing and ifconfig. I can’t access the WebUI or any websites because obviously it isn’t accessing the LAN or internet. Any idea where to start?

OS type and version REQUIRED
Ubuntu Linux 20.04.5
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Webmin version

Change the network configuration to use the right interface names. You’ll have to hit the command line and see what those new interface names are.

The configuration is probably in /etc/netplan, but it could also be /etc/network/interfaces.d/ or…something done with NetworkManager (that would be inappropriate for a server, IMHO), or systemd-networkd. Ubuntu is uniquely stupid in regard to how many complete different ways the network can be configured.

I see 00-installer-config.yaml in netplan it mentions eno1. There is no interfaces.d in network. I assume I need to change the eno1 to the enp0s25 that is “down” when doing the ifconfig? Thanks for the help!

No. If you don’t have an enp0s25 interface you certainly should not make configuration for one.

I’m saying you need to fix it so your system isn’t trying to do something with an interface that does not exist. I am not clear about what you’re seeing or where this problem exists. But, pretending an interface exists when it doesn’t is not what I’m suggesting.

Look at ip ad sh. Those are the interfaces of your new system. You shouldn’t have any scripts or any configuration trying to do things with nonexistent interfaces. I am assuming the enp0s25 does not exist, but again, I do not know what you’re seeing or where you’re seeing it. I do not understand the problem.

But, Linux does have a variety of ways to name and number interfaces, based on boot options, how network devices are connected on the motherboard, and on what information the BIOS/UEFI provides. It is very common for new hardware to have different interface names, and if you’re moving a hard drive from one computer to another, obviously you have to update the interface names in config files to suit the new hardware.

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