End User Forgotten Password

I’ve spent a lot of time searching around but I can’t seem to find a simple answer. Is there a simple / easy way to allow end users (people who want to see their emails and don’t care about how it works) to request a password reset themselves?

The closest answer I have come to is posted at https://www.virtualmin.com/node/36475 and has to be one of the most unhelpful answers I’ve ever read. So all my users have the “Password recovery address” set to their own personal email addresses. All the description says is…

“Password recovery address If a user forgets their password and the option to reset it is available, this field determines the address to which the password will be sent. This is typically set by mailbox users themselves in the Usermin UI.”

So where is the option to reset located (I hope this doesn’t refer to the “Recover Password” button on the user list screen as that means they (end users) would have to mess around in a place they have no business being in)? I’ve been through all settings pages in Usermin, Webmin and Virtualmin and cannot find anything relevant. I ask as it’s not secure to send a password, however temporary, via email and under no circumstances should an administrator EVER ask the user for the new password.

It’s all well and good allowing users to set or change their recovery address but that is entirely useless if they’ve forgotten their password to login with in the first place.

Just to be clear, I’m looking for a way that my end users who just check their emails, can head to the normal usermin login page and request a password recovery themselves without me having to ‘oversee’.

If this is possible, would somebody mind pointing out what I’ve overlooked or missed. If this isn’t actually available yet or does not exist, does anybody have any good resources to start with for building this option myself or is this something better provided by an active script such as RoundCube (not that RoundCube can do that very easily either)?

Thank you for reading and any thoughts you have anyway.

just spent an hour trying to figure this out myself.

did you find an answer? i’m dealing with this also.

i started a topic here that has some info: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/42998

however, it didnt help me and i posted a followup that never made it out of moderation. havent had time to look into the problem again and duplicate my followup that got deleted.

We wouldn’t have deleted anything. If there was a problem posting, it may not have ever been saved…we don’t have any posts/comments from you in the moderation queue, so something else went wrong there (though I don’t know what, we had some spam filter problems a while back, maybe during the time you’re talking about). Apologies for the inconvenience on that. We’re not deleting anything from you, and not trying to prevent your posts from coming through, I promise! Sometimes Drupal just sucks in ways I don’t know how to fix.

I answered with what I knew on that thread. I guess those steps didn’t work for you? When I tested on my system, I was able to configure it, but I don’t remember if I tested the actual recovery form to be sure it would send me an email.

You need the Virtualmin Password Recovery module installed and enabled in order for this feature to be available. That package is called wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery on CentOS and webmin-virtualmin-password-recovery on Debian/Ubuntu. (I think installing it will enable it without any further effort.)

Once installed, it’ll add a recovery option to both Webmin and Usermin logins.

I downloaded wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery 1.5 and installed it in webmin.
It did work on the webmin side. It did not work for the usermin side.

More info, in usermin am current using the authintic them. The reset button does nothing except clear the username field when you hit “reset” .

Make sure you’ve got a recent version of Authentic Theme in Usermin (it’s a separate installation from the Webmin theme). I seem to recall older versions had a problem with this feature. I don’t know that’s what’s going on in your case, but I know it was a problem in the past.

I downloaded:

Authentic Theme 18.49 Description Authentic is Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin/Cloudmin theme based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome that is made with love. It uses CodeMirror to highlight config files and DataTables to add controls to modules' tables. Support for ConfigServer Security & Firewall Download authentic-theme-18.49.wbt.gz Website http://twitter.com/authentic_theme Author Ilia Rostovtsev Last updated 2017-05-21 18:30:23 And installed from file. No change in the Usermin theme's absence of a password reset option.