Encoding in autoreply emails


I got problem with autoreply email - when I save autoreply message to virtualmin it creates .txt autoreply file in virtual domain correctly, but when this file contains html (I think it is html) encoded non english characters my users don’t see it correctly in their email clinets (outlook).

Is there any way how to fix it?

Thanks as usual.

Hrm, can you show us an example?

Perhaps either a screenshot, or maybe you could post the email you’re seeing in it’s entirety (ie, including the headers) somewhere like http://pastie.org/, and then give us a link to it (pastie.org is just a site for pasting “things”, and will handle text like what you have better than the forums here).



Just try to copy paste this:


into auto reply textarea in virtualmin.

When I save it and then reopen it I see html encoded characters.

Is it just my problem or is it global?

Thanks a lot.