Enabling SSL for a Virtual Server, can't find the "set up SSL website too?" check box

Hello there,

I was following these instructions from the documentation:


and everything was going fine, until I got to the section that says “To actually have an SSL website created for a new virtual server, you need to check the “Setup SSL website too?” box under Enabled features.” Well, I simply do not see that check box in that section. I have 3 other options but nothing about an SSL. Where could I find this option in virtualmin 3.82? Any advice about this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


It looks like you found one of the legacy docs… you may want to take a peek at this one here:


However, what you’d be looking for is to go into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, and set “SSL website enabled”.

Let us know if that does the trick for you!


Thank you for your reply, however for some reason in my virtualmin when I go to Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, I only have 3 options to check off:

Apache website enabled?
Webmin login enabled?
MySql Login Enabled?

I dont see one for enabling SSL.

You probably disabled the feature in Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Features and Plugins?


The other question is what user are you doing all this as… for example, are you doing all that as the Master Admin user, or the Virtual Server Owner?

If it’s the Virtual Server owner, their account may not have permission to setup an SSL certificate.

To give the Virtual Server owner permissions to do that – as the Master Admin (root) user, if you go into Administrative Options -> Edit Owner Limits -> Allowed capabilities and features, you’d want to make sure “Can manage SSL certificates” is set to yes.


Yes, This option was disabled. Now I see it where it needs to be, thank you snapmin!