Enabling IMAP PHP Extension

OS type and version CentOS 7
Virtualmin version 7.3


I’ve installed a CRM called Perfex. One of the requirements is that the IMAP PHP extension be enabled. I’ve checked my software packages in Webmin and php-imap 5.4.16-9.el7 is installed. But, the CRM is not recognizing the extension.

Not quite sure what is going on here. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Hi there,

which version of PHP are you using for your CRM?
This extension is just for PHP 5.6. You are probably using a different version of PHP…

Is that the PHP version you’re using? When you install Virtualmin on a very old OS, like CentOS 7, you’ll get an additional PHP version for compatibility with newer apps (and you may have installed others). You’d need the php-imap package for the version of PHP you are using to run this specific application.

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