EnableSendfile off Globally


I have a server with 1 Gbps internet connection and slow Apache downloads.
From another location, also 1 Gbps, I am downloading at max 20-22 MBps.
Adding EnableSendfile off to apache’s domain configuration file boosts the speed to 60 MBps.

Is there any way to set EnableSendfile off for all hosted domains without adding the line by hand to each domain?

Thank you.


Would that option be inherited by your VirtualHosts if you added it into Apache, above all the VirtualHost definitions?

If not, there may not be a simple way to do that :slight_smile:

For any new domains, you could add it to System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, and there, add it to the "Directives and settings for new websites " section.

However, there unfortunately isn’t a quick and simple way to add it to all existing VirtualHost’s.



Thank you for your reply.
I have added it into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website and manually edited all my current domains.

Thank you very much.