Enabled IP filter for login, now cannot login from another IP

Hello there,

I’m new here so please don’t mind if this is already covered in docs. I could not find anything in docs. I enabled login from specific IP range like: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/16. But now I have moved somewhere and I can no longer use the same ISP. Can I somehow remove this setting with a sudo user? I’m on a VPS.

Any help will be much appreciated.


VPS providers usually have a console style access to the VPS that bypasses IP filtering. Login to your VPS provider’s management system and look around and you should find it there (or ask them if you can’t). That will let you edit your firewall settings.

You mean ssh login?

You should have a VPS control panel. Usually they have a VNC client login. You’ll probably need to edit your ssh config file once you login through VNC.

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