Enable mail client configuration for individual domains?

OS type and version RHEL 9
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5

Is it possible to enable/disable mail client configuration for individual domains?

If so, where do I look for it?

Email settings > Mail Client Configuration

Or, just type mail client configuration into the search area of Virtualmin.

Thanks, but I need it for individual domains, not all domains.

Can anybody help?

Sorry. Under the Virtualmin tab some things are ‘per domain’. I didn’t check close enough.

@joe Can you help please? I would be very surprised if there isn’t a way to do it, I just can’t find it.

When Virtualmin → Systems Settings → Email Settings → Mail Client Configuration is enabled, it adds DNS records for all domains in Virtualmin’s DNS in the format of:



You wanted to know if there is a way in which Virtualmin will let you choose the domains / virtual servers for which Mail Client Configuration can be selectively applied; and the answer is no, there isn’t.

You could, however, manually tweak DNS records per domain such that Mail Client Configuration works only for those domains that have DNS records in the format mentioned above. Absent those DNS records, Mail Client Configuration will not work for those virtual servers / domains, even while it works for those virtual servers / domains which do have those records.

In summary, enable Mail Client Configuration and then delete the appropriate DNS records for those domains for which you do not wish to offer Mail Client Configuration support.

This is not an ideal solution for your requirement but if you are willing to put in some work and manually edit DNS records, you could configure your system the way you wish it to be WRT Mail Client Configuration.

Thanks, a tad messy though I can see how it would work.

Curious though, Is this an official answer or based on experience?

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