Empty Message Body Contents in Usermin

One of my client email addresses on a virtual server is getting the following in Usermin…

Message contents
This message has no body contents.

If one selects the “view raw message” option, then all of the contents in the body are visible.
Other users on the same virtual server dont appear to be having any problems with emails from the same source.

I sent the email from another account on the same virtual server for this domain (my account). Other users in this domain have no problems seeing the email, and also, other emails sent from other sources outside are displaying fine…its just this one email for this one virtual server recipient that is playing up right now…it seems intermittent. The person who uses this email did complain to me that he has had this happen on a number of occasions before. He has now reverted to not accessing email via Usermin.

What might be causing this? How do i problem solve it?

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Sounds like a bug in the mail parser. What’s special about the mails that it happens for? What format are they, what client sent them, etc?

Oh, I am experiencing the same issue with one of the emails, attached in case you wish to take a look.


Thanks, I’ve asked Jamie to take a look when he gets a chance. There is a ticket for it here: https://github.com/webmin/usermin/issues/58

I have also checked a couple of other emails accounts on the same domain on my virtualmin server…same problem. Had a couple of complaints about it, fortunately, i have got most people to use their own email client app…so they dont goto usermin much. However, its a bit embarrasing when they do and find this.

It’s apparently configurable (Usermin and the Read Mail module default to only showing plain text). I know it’s weird. I guess it’s a legacy decision that never got changed. See the ticket I linked for more.

So is there a global place to configure this, or do I have to manually do it in each users account?

Webmin->Webmin->Usermin Configuration->Module Configuration->Read Mail->Default user preferences (tab)->Show message body as

Set to any option other than “Always plaint text” depending on your preference.

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