Emergency Repair - Do I reinstall?

I ran a bash file that ran yum erase httpd, and it hosted the system, I installed the missing files, but it seems to have hosed the settings, Virtualmin Pro runs fine, but recheck configuration fails:
PHP execution via fcgid requires the Apache mod_fcgid module
… your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin.
yum install mod_fcgid worked, restarted httpd, reran check and it still fails,
should I reinstall script, or will that wipe out all my domains?

Update: I ran
rpm -e virtualmin-base; yum install virtualmin-base
things work much better now.

Now I get:
Restoring Apache virtual host configuration …
… no Apache virtual host found!

How do I fix this?

When you remove httpd, it should have saved the old configuration file as “/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.rpmsave”. Check to see if this file exists, it should contain your missing virtual hosts.

When you remove httpd, it also removes these packages, so you should reinstall them if they aren’t already installed.

yum install mod_dav_svn mod_fcgid mod_perl mod_ssl php virtualmin-base

You can do this to prevent this from happening in the future,

echo “virtualmin-base” >> /etc/yum/protected.d/virtualmin.conf

This will stop yum from removing any packages that depend on virtualmin-base, which is all the critical stuff. If you try to remove something you would see this “Error: Trying to remove “virtualmin-base”, which is protected”

If you wish to remove it, just delete the file “/etc/yum/protected.d/virtualmin.conf”

Thank you so much, that worked, and it was so easy, I panicked, and could not think of anything but to restore each file, and that wasn’t going to be fun.

Awesome! Glad you were able to get things working again. I would recommend running that command to protect the virtualmin-base package, that would prevent accidental removal of important packages. Also check thoroughly before you run unknown scripts.