Emergency Recovery

Can anybody advise on this problem

I have a server that has crashed but can still access it via a rescue disk setup and am able to mount the drives but I do not have a webmin/virtualmin back up of the setup to use.

I am installing webmin/virtualmin on a new server and can copy all files from the dead server but would like to know if it is possible to re-create the setup from the old files?

Many thanks


Sure! If you copy the related files from the old server to the new one (being sure to preserve the ownership and permissions), that’ll work just fine.

My suggestion would be –

  • Install Virtualmin and any other dependencies you require on your new server

  • Then, copy all of /etc from the old server onto your new server

  • Copy /home from your old server to the new one

  • And finally, copy /var/lib/mysql as well

That should get you back up and running on your new server.

Let us know if that works for you!


Many thanks for that, I had most of the work done by the time I read the reply, so did not try moving the /etc contents

Copying across the /var/lib/mysql folder did not work out of the box, to fix the problems

  1. I removed mysql
  2. removed all log files & ibdata1 file, leaving just my original data folders
  3. I think I also removed the mysql folder
  4. Re install mysql

After setting up all the domains in Virtualmin and copying across the old files all sites worked without much fuss, although the “Fix Permissions” in Virtualmin under -->> Limits and Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers is a great little tool

Now I must work out how to use the backup script…