Emails stopped working After Virtualmin 5.0.6 update

Hi, since yesterday Receiving/sending emails stopped working, just after the last Virtualmin 5.0.6 update on Ubuntu 16.04.02 server, Webmin version 1.831

On Centos server emails work fine…

The Microsoft Outlook shows error: 0x800ccc0f and roundcube during log in shows error: Connection to storage server failed.

Has anyone got the same problem?

An update…

Well… Emails working, sending and receiving via usermin. However Microsoft outlook, roundcube, smartphone cannot connect and receive emails.

It must be related to 5.0.6 update because it stopped working after that.

I have Ubuntu 16.04.02 and all latest modules, however on centos, and a fresh Ubuntu installation all looks okay… Weird…

Any advise?

Without mail logs its hard to know what could be wrong. Check the log or post it here (use code tags pls).

Same… I can read/send via usermin but I can’t connect via external clients. However, I didn’t try connecting to external clients before I updated though. I saw this post and figured my problem may be related to sz00gun’s. Thanks

Thanks Diabolico for the help, and node… I’m not alone… :wink:

every time I try connect via Outlook the: /var/log/mail.err


Feb 21 20:34:27 server dovecot: pop3-login: Error: socket(anvil) failed: Too many open files

Feb 21 20:34:27 server dovecot: pop3-login: Error: net_connect_unix(anvil) failed: Too many open files

Feb 21 20:34:27 server dovecot: pop3-login: Fatal: Couldn’t connect to anvil

Feb 21 20:34:27 server dovecot: master: Error: service(pop3-login): command startup failed, throttling for 60 secs

Dont know Ubuntu so good as Centos but i will try to guess here - use SSH, restart dovecot, then restart postfix and post here part of the mail log regarding this two actions.

So, let’s make sure we’re talking about one problem at a time…

Dovecot is for receiving mail. Postfix is for sending mail. If your problem is with receiving mail, stop messing with Postfix; Postfix has nothing to do with retrieving mail via IMAP/POP, so it’s just noise in this conversation.

I think all of the errors you’re showing are just Dovecot being started when it’s already running; it doesn’t look like errors…just Dovecot saying, “My ports are already occupied, so I can’t start!” I’d need to see errors related to the actual mail retrieval, not the failed start. What errors do you get in the mail log when you try to retrieve mail? (i.e. look at the mail log, click “check for mail” in your mail client, see what messages occur and share those here…just post the relevant bits)

As far as I know, nothing in 5.06 changed that could effect mail (the mail stack hasn’t changed much at all in years, actually). It’s possible there may have been other updates at the same time that might. Our servers have all been upgraded to 5.06-2 and are not having trouble sending or receiving mail.

Thx Joe, I will check logs after my work. Not sure if you have seen my post above, but I can send and receive emails via usermin. The problem is with maybe authorisation… because I cannot login/sync via roundcube and Microsoft outlook… That’s the problem…

I think about reinstall the system… :frowning:

Sorted, the problem was with Ubuntu kernel Linux 4.4.0-63-generic on x86_64. There was just an update to latest Ubuntu kernel Linux 4.4.0-64-generic on x86_64 and all is working after server restart with new Ubuntu kernel.


Sorry to blame Virtualmin.

Hey @sz00gun… that’s good to hear you fixed it. :smiley: Can you take a look at my question here: I think you may can help me. Thanks!