Emails per minute


Can you tell me where the emails per minute stats under System Administration come from please? It doesn’t seem to be working on mine, the graph shows no data.

My mail is logged through syslog and written to /var/log/maillog. I can’t find a setting to tell Virtualmin this, is it designed to pick it up itself? Another possibly relevant thing is that permissions on /var/log/maillog are such that only root can read.

Oliver Kohll

Hrm, I can’t seem to figure out where that graph is displayed. However, I suspect it uses the logfile specified in System Settings -> Bandwidth Monitoring -> Servers and log files -> Mail server log file.

Does it say /var/log/maillog there?

Your permissions sound okay though.

Thanks, yes it does: ‘Default mail log /var/log/maillog’

If I click on ‘Download raw data…’ under the graph, it shows zero y-axis values for each point:
2008-08-07 00:47:02,0
2008-08-07 00:52:01,0
2008-08-07 00:57:02,0
2008-08-07 01:02:01,0
2008-08-07 01:07:01,0
2008-08-07 01:12:01,0
2008-08-07 01:17:02,0
2008-08-07 01:22:02,0
2008-08-07 01:27:01,0
2008-08-07 01:32:02,0
2008-08-07 01:37:01,0
2008-08-07 01:42:02,0
2008-08-07 01:47:02,0
2008-08-07 01:52:01,0