Emails not showing when using Roundcube or Outlook

Webmin: 1.872
Virtualmin: 6.02
Usermin: 1.732
OS: CentOS 7.4.1708

All updates have been made and server rebooted.

We have multiple domains on this server. One of our user’s email account is not showing any email in the INBOX when using Roundcube, Outlook, iPhone. All new mail stopped showing a couple of days ago. Mail that is in subfolders under the inbox work and are viewable.

If logged in to Webmin then Servers -> Read User Mail -> click on the client’s email account we can see a list of emails that are current. This should be the list in the INBOX when in Roundcube or Outlook. Sending and receiving is working.

Where do we start to resolve this?


Appears that the dovecot.index got corrupted. So, I stopped Dovecot. Then created a temporary folder and then moved all files in the /home/ACCOUNTNAME/homes/USERNAME/Maildir used the command: mv dovecot* temporaryfolder/ Next I restarted Dovecot and the index was recreated. Emails showed up instantly.