Email users on virtual domain don't recieve email "unknown user" reported by postfix

Operating system:
OS version:
Debian 10 virtualmin 6.12 Postfix version 3.4.14

I created the user reunion on the virtual domain which has the right defined in the DNS. The email account is set as primary mail account and mail set to be sent to the Inbox.

error: When an outside user sends an email to this user, mailer-deamon@host.tld replies

When I check the file /etc/postfix/virtual I see that the email is mapped to the user

When I look at webmin list of users I see it is listed as but when I look at the accounts under my virtual domain, I see only reunion This is a bit confusing and maybe postfix got confused too.

When I set a forward address to working email address, the mail get through and when I untick the “Yes deliver to inbox”. The sender doesn’t get the mailer deamon response any more.

I feel like this is related to the mapping of names but I can’t figure out what option make this not work.

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