Email/Usermin Access suddenly gone

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Virtualmin version Latest

Ok I found that Usermin had stopped on its own for some reason. Started it and I am able to log in to Usermin. Still cannot get my email client to connect. I will start another thread for that…


So I just created a Virtual Server that is the main domain on this server (call it ‘’). I had previously set up the DNS records at the registrar, the virtual server created fine and Lets Encrypt created all the SSL certs. All the records check out fine according to I can see the demo page at

I then created a new user in Virtualmin, and was able to log in to Usermin via the 'Log in to Usermin" button on the users page and see the mailbox fine.

I then added the email account to an IMAP email client on my local machine, and it errors out and will not connect. I then cannot connect to Usermin at all! Browser says “Cannot Connect To the Server”.

I checked the fail2ban logs and I do not see my IP there.

What is going on?

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