Email User with Catch-All status


Is there a way to create an EMAIL USER that will receive all emails under the domain name?

Do I just add * to the EMAIL ALIAS of the EMAIL USER?

Note 1: Bounce Email is enabled on VMpro.
Note 2: There are other EMAIL USERS for the domain name. So the catch-all EMAIL USER isn’t really catching all in the strict sense.


You can’t create a user who receives all email - just one who receives email that doesn’t match any other user or alias.

To do this, do the following :

  1. Create the user.
  2. Click on Edit Mail Aliases on the left-hand menu.
  3. If there is already an alias for ‘All mailboxes’, delete it.
  4. Click on the ‘Add an alias to this domain’ link.
  5. Select ‘All mailboxes’.
  6. Check the ‘Yes, forward to addresses’ box, and enter the email of the user created in step 1 into the text box below.
  7. Click Create.

In line with Joe’s response to your[A HRef=“”>ticket</A>, I have to agree that “catch all” addresses are generally a bad idea. They basically make your entire domain a huge target for spammers, since they can randomly generate any e-mail address and successfully get it through without a bounce message.

I used to create catch all addresses for my domains several years ago, but spam has completely killed that idea in the past few years. Instead, I would recommend you create whatever aliases you need (including possibly some for "typo" addresses), and let everything else bounce back as it should.

Thanks Alan for your comments.

Yes, I am aware of the problem with catch-all email account. There is just this specific domain name that I would like to monitor. And of course, I could revert to bounce-all when I am done.