Email timeouts when sending an email

I think I might have the wrong ports

What should the

Incoming and outgoing ports be by default? IMAP


edit =

you see I have two mail clients

Windows live and Thunderbird

Windows Mail is set to this and seems to be working

Incoming 993
Outgoing 25

And now Thunderbird

Incoming 143
Outgoing 587

Now my mates Apple mail one just will not work with any and gives timeout errors
(Am waiting for her to come online so I can get a clean log of the T/O errors)


Well, it sounds like the key is to check what ports this other user is using. Let us know if they’re still seeing problems, and if so, what ports they’re using – and then we can look into why that’s causing a problem.


Hey Eric thanks for the reply I found the problem, it was my mates ISP blocking port 25, after I changed to 587 everything seems to be working fine!