Email SMTP problem

Hi folks,

I host my website from home with Virtualmin, Ubuntu and I send the traffic to Cloudfare.

My ISP blocks port 25. Ports 2525, 465, 587, 993 are Open.

I want to send email correctly. I don’t want to forward pro email to Gmail and spoof the professional email.

I do have access to Cloudflare’s email routing, which is still in beta.

I do not have any subdomain other than www.

I was wondering if I should create the subdomain:

I also plan to setup a DMARK and a DKIM.

I will also connect the pro email to Outlook (Office 365).

I was wondering if you have a solution that allows me to send, receive, and reply emails correctly from anywhere.


No, don’t create a subdomain mail.domain.tld as the mail subdomain is reserved for use by Virtualmin. Use any other subdomain name.

If port 25 is blocked by your ISP, see Free smarthost / mail relay to work around port 25 block by VPS host

Thanks a lot I send you an email.

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