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I like to setup new virtualmin server
I like to make sure that email mostly end up in inbox than spam folder

do i need proper ssl
is there any add on spam
antivirus add

can you please give me idea best add on to run proper professional email server


Email servers aren’t for the faint of heart. There are lots of things to consider. Even the IP address you use matters.

Of course, but Let’s Encrypt is fine.

I don’t know what this means.

Oh…are you asking if Virtualmin has anti-spam and AV features? Yes, it can configure and manage SpamAssassin and ClamAV. Plus a few other anti-spam features, like greylisting, DKIM milter…maybe others I’m not remembering. It’s a very complicated stack, but mostly Just Works (until it doesn’t, probably because of DNS or you named your server the same name as a domain you’re hosting mail for).

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Virtualmin includes all the mail-related stuff we offer. There are no “add-ons”. It’s already in there.

I have static ip

Can you explain

Unless you are in a dedicated data center your mail server may get blocked. If you set up a server at home some mail servers will filter you out for being in a block of home users. Like tried to explain this to a customer once. When their mail was getting bounced he couldn’t understand it.

Even if you’re in a dedicated data center, your mail is likely to get blocked. Most IPs have been burned by sending spam. So, you have to get some age on an IP and do some active unblocking (especially with Microsoft, who block fast and seemingly never remove from the blacklist until requested through their byzantine procedures).

I wish I could say it was easy…we make all the software parts of it easy, but the deliverability problem is hard and out of our control. And, gods help you if you go to all the trouble to get unblocked and then either through exploit or an unscrupulous user, your server is used again for spam.

One company was running a racket of charging for it. I told the axehat that unless he could provide me with proof my server had spammed him I’d file a complaint with the FCC for interfering with interstate commerce. Surprisingly, that worked. :wink:

I found that with vultr. What I did is get a Reserved IP and added and removed the IP until I found a IP that wasn’t burned.

That does not generally work. The FCC does not regulate email servers.

The FTC enforces spam laws, but they do not enforce deliverability. i.e., they may come after you for spamming, but they will never go after someone for blocking email, regardless of whether it is legitimate. The only real leverage you have with providers who have blocked you is their users wanting to receive your email. If the preponderance of their users say your emails are spam, you’re SoL. Luckily, most of the big providers want their users to receive all the mail they want to receive, so they err on the side of caution before blocking an entire server (except Microsoft, at least historically, who tend to be pretty heavy-handed).

Like I said, “Surprisingly, that worked.” Guy knew what he was doing was unethical and didn’t want to find out if it was illegal too and I was obviously pissed off enough that I’d cause trouble before I paid extortion. This is a major company that does firewalls and is still around.

sounds like scam

The scam is that the big providers would rather you host your mail with them, and, eventually, they’ll probably have enough market dominance to force you to.

But, we aren’t there yet, and most of the major mail providers operate in good faith with regard to receiving mail for their users, as long as you play by the rules, give them some assurances that your mail is legitimate for your domain (DKIM and SPF, respecting standards, etc.). And, of course, never sending spam or allowing users of your servers to send spam.

Even Microsoft, the shadiest of the lot, in my experience, will eventually unblock an IP if you jump through their hoops. It’s been a long while since I needed to jump through those hoops; we’ve been camping out on the same IPs for years. Which, I recommend y’all do if you plan to send mail.

Scam indeed. I could have been a spammer, but if I was willing to pay, they would have unblocked the IP. They tried to make it sound like it was some kind of legit administrative charge.