Email Server client server reach

I Am an IT Manager for a company. We are looking to host our own email server, so we can control company emails.

would your software allow the IT Dept. to look at email records and logs with out employee knowing?

For your requirements, Virtualmin will let you set up a server in which you can host an unlimited number of mailboxes and have access to logs which will show you which of your co-workers has sent and received mail, to and from whom - i.e. which email address and on which date and time. You get this functionality out of the box with Virtualmin and without an employee knowing about it.

If, however, you need to retain copies of mail sent or received for forensic, regulatory compliance or archival purposes then, of course, additional configuration and hardware + software will be required.

Thank you for you help I am going to research what software we need.

do you know of any

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