Email Quota errors

All of our email addresses are getting kicked back with the following errors:

can’t create user output file

in the mail log I’m getting this:

Jul 27 12:10:18 server dovecot: IMAP(admin…): write_full(/home/…/homes/admin/Maildir/dovecot-uidlist.lock) failed: Disk quota exceeded

In the quota section of virtualmin I have this:

admin admin… Daytrader Bootcamp Administrator Unlimited 264.15 MB Email only

Everything appears to be a problem with the quota; however, I changed the quota to unlimited and restarted both dovecot and postfix but the error continues.

The strange part is that ALL email is getting kicked back with the same error. This email has been working fine for 18 months now, but for some reason it no longer works.

Any help would be appreciated


There’s actually two quotas that could generate that error… first is the individual mail user quota, which is set by going into Edit Mail and FTP Users. You can see the quotas for all the email users there.

Second, there’s quota for the entire Virtual Server, which is set in Edit Virtual Server -> Quotas and limits.

If either of those quotas are over the limit, that could cause the errors you’re seeing.


It was the second one, the virtual server’s quota was over the limit, I removed it and everything came back fine.

Thank you for your help