Email questions

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have a an odd question here :smiley:

With virtualmin is there a way to give users there own email at a domain now let me give an example

say my domain is

could I make a few emails

And give them to my users to use as they feel free and also be able to check there mail at (say this is roundcube)

And all 3 have passwords they can use/change when they want to

if not anyone any ideas on how I could manage something like this?


Sure! You can do that by first creating a Virtual Server named “”. Then, go into Edit Users, and in there you can create email users named bob, mike, and sally.

Once you do that, you can install RoundCube, and any of those users would be able to log into RoundCube to check their email.

Would that do what you’re after?


Hey Eric yes this is what I was after doing :smiley: thanks alot!

Eric how can I give them just emails (not FTP etc…) I can’t seem to see just an email option


edit found it ignoree this

Hi again Eric :slight_smile:

Any idea why I am getting this on adding the email address into thunderbird



That sounds like it’s seeing a self-signed certificate.

If you connect to port 587, you’ll get a secure connection… but without a commercial SSL cert, email clients will often throw a warning (similar to browsers when accessing a site with a self-signed cert).

If you do have a commercial SSL cert, you’d need to make sure you’re accessing the domain name listed within the cert.


Cheers Eric, I think am using port 995 now and the pop-up have gone… no idea if that’s normal or not.


Eic any idea why emails are show as mega long messed up ‘things’


I have squirrelmail now got rid of roundcube and squirrelmail is installed here

Also here is a shot of the users tab just to make sure ive done it right



You may need to go into the Squirrelmail or Roundcube Settings, and set the “From” address for those accounts.


Cheers eric would it be this part

/*** Server Settings */

  • Default Domain
  • The domain part of local email addresses.
  • This is for all messages sent out from this server.
  • Reply address is generated by $username@$domain
  • Example: In, is the domain.
  • @global string $domain
    $domain = ‘’;

in config/config_default.php


edit it now shows as

edit again = Fixed thanks it was an option in Squirrelmail thanks!

Howdy Eric sorry for all the posts on here >.>

I keep getting timeout errors when trying to send emails this is my log

Any idea why I keep getting timeout errors



Hmm, is there any chance you could start new threads for new questions? That might help me in keeping track of what all is going on :slight_smile: And it’ll also make it easier later for folks who are searching for particular solutions.

Also, if you can, don’t mark your forum post as private, as I then become the only person who can see and respond to it :slight_smile:

I don’t see any timeout errors in your logs though – if you could, whenever you start that new forum thread, could you include any logs that occur at exactly the time when you’re connecting, as well as the exact error you’re email client is providing?



Sorry eric and will do
I only made it private as I thought it would be safer

I’ll go make the new thread now.

It’s no problem at all, no need to apologize!

I’ll take a peek at your new thread here in a moment.

Have a good one!


Hello again Eric (Or Howdy as you like to say :D) thought I would post in here again as my question is todo with the commercial certs you was on about before… To tell you the truth am still mega confussed on what I need lol

would it be something like this?

Sorry big arse link here, if this is not what I am after and you have time would you mind giving me an example from the web? (and if this is the right thing I am after is this a good price? is there such thing as a free one etc…?)

Many thanks for my reply to my dumb questions :smiley:


The one you linked to would work… I might start by looking at StartSSL though, which is free – and, which is, well, cheap (but not quite free).

Note that a commercial SSL cert isn’t necessary for secure communications – but without one, you’ll receive a popup warning when accessing a site.


Awesome Eric! would this one right here ‘stop’ the pop-up and make my site run in https://
The PositvieSSL one

Thanks again!

Yup, all the ones I mentioned above should do that, including the StartSSL one.


I tryed the StartSSL but they would not give me one for some reason

Sorry to ask again but will that ‘The PositvieSSL’ one work from the link I posted above

Thanks again eric for replying to all my questions.


Yup, all the ones I mentioned above should work :slight_smile:

StartSSL has gotten a little funny recently, and doesn’t always give them out, though I hoped they would do so in this case.

But that PositiveSSL one will work just fine.