Email problems

Huh I always seem to get email problems on a new install of virtualmin

Well this time emails are not been sent from sites and also I can’t connect using windows live mail

this is my /var/log/mail.log

Not sure if this is the right log to show you guys ;/



That is indeed the correct log – however, it’s rather huge… it’d be great if you could show the logs that occur whenever attempting to send or receive an email that you’re having problems with.

I do see a couple of issues that stand out though – in one case, it doesn’t look like an email is being given a from address, and it’s using “shieldomega@debian.server”, which is likely derived from your hostname.

You’d want to make sure you have an FQDN as your hostname – which is in the format

Also, I see this error towards the top of your logs:

host[] refused to talk to me: 553 5.7.1 [BL21]
Connections will not be accepted from, because the ip is in Spamhaus’s list; see

That suggests that your IP is listed in an RBL. In fact, looking here, it’s listed in 3 RBL’s:

That would prevent it from being delivered to a any mail server doing lookups at those RBL’s.


Hey Eric what hostname should I use? and how would I go about changing it

You can use any hostname you want, it just needs to be in the FQDN format, and it should exist.

You can change it in Webmin -> Networking -> Hostname and DNS.

You can make sure it exists in Virtualmin -> DOMAIN -> Server Configuration -> DNS Records.


I don’t seem to have that option in networking Eric

( also is there anyway to get a email back when someone reply’s on a thread on this site? I can’t see to find the option anywhere) not a on topic question I know sorry

Edit = nvm I found the option hope it works :smiley:

Hey I found it under

Webmin >> Networking >> Network Configuration >> Hostname and DNS Client

Ive added

Would that be ok?


Sorry, that’s what I get for trying to remember the path to that option off the top of my head :slight_smile:

Yes, changing your hostname as you suggested should work just fine (though you’d also want to add a DNS ‘A’ record as described above).


No worry’s :slight_smile:

Eric am still not getting emails from the site :frowning:
Here is a log from when I tryed to send a email


Your logs there all look good! I see several messages that were accepted by the remove server for delivery.

I don’t see any errors or problems in your logs.

You may want to verify that your emails aren’t in the spam folder, maybe they were flagged as spam for some reason.