Email problems , can't send or receive

Hello I have come a far way in the last week…
It was hard to get everything working but i’m getting there.

The problem i have now is getting the email to work.

I can’t receive or send email using my office outlook.

This is how i configured my email

server: or
username: info.myname
pass: ********


Outgoing server tab I clicked on the "my outgoing server (SMTP) requires auth …)
and i clicked the "use same setting as incoming"

Advanced tab , Incoming port 995 and selected alsoserver requires SSL
Outgoing is set at 25 or 26 and also clicked the SSL

Now i can connect to the server , login for incoming … the only problem here is test sending or sending an email … always fail.
I tried different ports . 21,25,26,80,etc

Another problem i noticed that even thought my microsoft outlook says it conencting to incoming , it never receives the test emails i send to this account. I login to hotmail and send an email and it never comes.

Please assist