Email problem what is a virtual alias table

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.101
Usermin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.7
Theme version 21.04
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

Not sure if this is connected (it is the same user) :cry: New Mail Where?
The following address failed: []( SMTP error from remote server for RCPT TO command, host: (x.x.x.x) reason: 550 5.1.1 [<>]( Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table

The IS listed as a user it is not an alias.
it does have an additional email address of which is an alias.

What is a virtual alias table? and why has this popped up now?

Let’s get this right
You have a user as which may expand to another user maybe x.x and is in the postfix config.
You altered the default postmaster alias to reflect the new user, by default this address is an alias of the domain owner.

  1. did you remove the default ?
  2. have you checked the text files in /etc/postfix to ensure that the entries are correct ? If not have a look,edit and recompile them using postmap. But i would guess you need to look at every aspect of the user before you drop to the terminal

If you do a search on the Internet related to “virtual alias table” you will find a lot o information. It is the list of emails accounts in your system.

I would first check the contents of the file /etc/postfix/virtual. if the email address exists, then the rejection of the message to it was based on a restriction. I would check the content of the /etc/postfix/ file looking for restriction tables (check_*_access) then I would look in the respective files if there is REJECT.

It is the virtual map in Postfix (/etc/postfix/virtual). It is where every email address created in Virtualmin exists (and it is how virtual hosting of many domains in any Postfix system is done, it is not a Virtualmin-specific thing).

Was this domain restored from backups? (There was a bug related to a change in defaults that could lead to the virtual map being wrong for domains restored from an older system, though I thought that bug had been fixed, but maybe it’s not out yet.)

Thanks for the explanation.
Nothing here seems to make any sense.
There has been no editing of postfix for this domain.
There has been nothing restored from backup - only the website uploaded - no email from Virtualmin.

Of some note: the users on this domain were created from the option to import batch users. No errors occurred during that process.

This user was edited after creation to add the additional email address of but is a default alias.

(have I misunderstood this and somehow created 2 users/aliases? If so why can I only find one under “Edit Mail Aliases”?

@ADDISON74 as far as I can tell the DNS (not managed by Virtualmin) is fine and the website is functioning. It only seems to be this user and its email stuck in draft. my test messages went out from Usermin OK and went into the “Sent mail” folder

@jimr1 As I said no direct editing of Postfix only the setup page of the user as shown in the

This may be relevant.

Can you post the relevant parts of /etc/postfix/virtual? (The ones with this domain name.)

Do the users you created with bulk import exist in the virtual map file and do they point to an existing user on the system? (I mean/assume that a real system user was created for each of the imported names and that it has a matching alias in virtual.)     onechat     noreply\
k***** 	k*****\
****        ****\  team\

to me in my ignorance that seems about right withe the exception of the \@
other domains cluttering the file

Maybe unrelated but I think something got bent regarding alias use and the last update.

I stopped getting email for an alias and did some fiddling to get past it.

I can give more detail if it’s relative or just let it go.

Tx maybe. This problem(s) seem to have started recently though I cannot point the finger at any particular package (there seems to have been so many recently) and that is not including Virtualmin etc.

As you may know I have other boxes (AFAIK all are up to date package wise) but only this one (domain+user) has the series of email problems.

I am tempted to just go in and delete the user and then recreate from the batch users file that contains this user. Trouble is if the Postfix files have been in someway corrupted it might not solve the problem - it may just add more garbage.

A golden rule says not to immediately update the packages in a system. I follow the rule and I can say that after about 3 weeks from the update in a test environment, I make the update in production.

Also, another rule is to check the changes that happen from one version to another. below are the two projects on GitHub and everyone has the opportunity to check. Virtualmin was updated in April, Webmin recently, if there are any issues they come from Webmin.



Checking the changes between the last two versions of Webmin, I did not identify issues related to the email services.

Because errors related to Usermin were reported, I would make a comparison between version 1.861 and 2.0 then 2.0 and 2.001.,861...2,000

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