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I need some help with email piping and hoping someone can shine some light on the issue. Our ticket system with AWBS sends out an email to clients from support@domain.tld when we respond to a ticket that a client has created/opened. Ideally, it would also be nice for the system to create a ticket if someone sends a request to support@domain.tld. AWBS already allows this through email pipping.

Now, I spoke to the guys in AWBS and according to them and their documentation, they said I need to setup this in our VM server, “| /path/to/awbs/email_pipe.php” but I believe they say that assuming that our company email lives on the VM server which in our case doesn’t. Our email which is completely for the company, not for virtual server accounts, lives on it’s own server.

So, how and where in our email server do we create that email pipe "| /path/to/awbs/email_pipe.php"? And how is the pipe going to find /path/to/awbs/email_pipe.php if that file lives on the AWBS server?

I don’t quite understand how this would work anyway even if our company email ran from VM since AWBS is on a separate server as well and VM won’t find "/path/to/awbs/email_pipe.php since that lives on the AWBS server which is also a separate server. I saw that there is a “Feed to program option” in VM but that won’t work in our case.

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Yeah, some folks are probably running that on the same server, but it’s certainly possible to setup an email pipe outside of VM.

How you’d do this depends on what email software you’re using – but if you’re using something like Postfix, you can probably add that to your /etc/aliases file.

So, if your goal is to setup that pipe for the address "billing", you could add this to your aliases file:

billing: "| /path/to/awbs/email_pipe.php"

And when you’re done, run “newaliases”.

If you’re running other domains on that server, and are using Postfix’s virtual_alias_maps, you could put it in your virtual alias maps file.


Thanks for the reply. I run postfix and I had already tried that this way on our email server. Also, keep in mind that our email server is separate, awbs server is separate and vm server is also separate.

So, I added this in our email server:

support: user1,user2,user3 | php -q /path/to/awbs/email_piping.php

Then I ran ‘newaliases’

Still no go.

Okay, I think I understand your predicament now.

Is there any way that you could have your AWBS server accept email, perhaps just for this particular domain?

Otherwise, yeah, I’m not sure how you’d have the incoming email call out to your AWBS script.

Unless, perhaps, the AWBS script can be somehow configured to talk to a remote AWBS server, but I’m not familiar with how AWBS works. Any of you AWBS users have any input on that? :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I was even thinking of using procmail on our email server to do some forwards to awbs server but that can get messy. I also thought about moving our email completely to our AWBS system but it’s not the best solution simply because it will slow down our system running both emails and our main site…let me see what I can come up with as a better solution…sigh

Thanks for the input so far