Email- Out of Office Reply not Working for Users

If you login as admin and do it manually, it works, but not the user panels.

See screen shot below

We have tested it and the emails just go through as normally regardless of setting to “auto reply”


NOTE: The Forwarding WORKS when configured in Virtualmin, but the same forward does NOT WORK when configured in USERMIN. That is the problem.

You should never configure anything from Webmin if you are using Virtualmin unless that option is not available directly on Virtualmin.

Hi there I have the same issue as #Camelot4

Just to clarify - if a user only has Usermin access they cannot setup mail forwarding as this function just does not work.

In the Virtualmin panel you can see the forwards created by the user - you can create a forward in Virtualmin for a user and that works as expected.

It is the ability for a user using Usermin to create mail forwards which is not working at all

Out of office - is pretty much a basic requirement for many business users - would anyone know of a work around here?

Kind Regards

Hi @Camelot4

I found that you need to set this under Virtualmin

Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning -> Allow mailbox users to create mail filters?

which you’d need to set to “Yes”. (Submitted by Locutus)

Than you can create filters in Usermin that work… - there was actually a message in Usermin which I failed to notice.

All working fine now