Email only "Plans"


I am trying to setup a “Plan” in my virtualmin installation where by only email access and management is offered.

I need to disable the apache website access for this particular plan and have no idea on how to do it.

I have searched the forums and have been at this for days.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.



One more thing, I want to allow the user to log into webmin/virtualmin to manage email address’ and all mail related functionality but do not wish for them to have access to “webmin” functions such as “File manager” and “protected directories”.

Basically want to disable all functionality for these plans bar any mail related ones.

Thanks in advance.


Whenever you create the Virtual Server, you can always uncheck the “Apache Website” feature in the “Enabled Features” section.

If you want to make it a part of the plan, you can remove “Apache Website” as an allowed feature in System Settings -> Accounts Plans -> “Plan Name” -> Allowed virtual server features.

You can tune some (though not all) of what webmin options are available by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default, where you can change “Administrators Webmin Modules”.


Thanks, I had to create a custom Server Template and disable as much as possible but its still not entirely perfect.

I also noticed that after an account is created, If I change an account plan and click Save and Apply, it doesn’t actually change the restrictions on an account that is already created…

Unless its something I’m doing wrong.

Yeah, the Account Plans and Server Templates is a set of defaults for new Virtual Servers. You can then go and modify the Virtual Servers however you like after that.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to apply changes to the plans or templates to all existing servers.