Email Notifications and how to set their FROM address


Just want to say thank you to everyone who helps keep the GPL version alive. As a newb, it is a wonderful mechanism to help learn about , and control, *nix.

My question is a simple one, that’s been bugging me for a little while. I have dived through the forums in search of a solution to this, and they helped me set up most of this, but one aspect is still unresolved.

Webmin/Virtualmin send out system emails/notifications.

I have set my Virtualmin ‘Actions Upon Server Creation’ to send emails FROM virtualmin@myhost - works fine for virtual server backup status notifications etc.

I have set the ‘Webmin Backup Configuration Files’ notification to webmin@myhostname - works fine.

I have set the From address for email from Webmin under Sending Emial in Webmin Configuration.

BUT the emails sent by System and Server Status module still send out just from ‘webmin@’ - no hostname, no aliased hostname cutting of the first part of the 3 part FQDN hostname.

Is there any way to set the overall FROM address that Webmin sends notifications from, or is it Module by Module? And if it is Module by Module, where can I do this for the System and Server Status module which is so helpful? I would like it to send notifications from webmin@myhostname, like for the Backup Configuration Files Module.

Once again, thanks for Virtualmin and for any help you guys can offer on this topic.

Running Virtualmin GPL on CentOS 5.6.