Email not working.Unable to access 20000


I have been unable to access email. The webmail link is not working port 20000 not opening.

OS type and version CentOS7.9
Webmin version Latest
Virtualmin version Latest
Related packages SUGGESTED

Login via ssh as root and type:

service webmin restart

If you get an error then try and fix it yourself or post the error here for the community to assist. If you don’t get an error, try accessing port 20000 again - it should now work.

Usermin service name is usermin. They are two separate services and web servers (webmin is on 10000).

I restarted same error, do I need to do something to enable webmail?

I can create users but can’t access the emails of user created. The webmail port is not opening.

I am sorry, the correct command is:

service usermin restart

Could you use this instead of the one I had posted earlier?

Thank you a lot.

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