Email migration ?


Preparirng migration from a customer from an other ISP to my Virtualmins servers, I’d like to know if there is a way to send emails to domains setup on virtualmin without using domain of email ??

For example, I have the domain with email contact setup in Virtualmin. Is there a way to send emails to that mailbox using for example server ?

This is to ease migration of mailboxes for the customer !




Hmm, I’m not sure I understand what it is you’re looking to do.

It’s no problem to send email to your domains – you could either use a client like Outlook, and email all your domains (putting the recipient in the “bcc” fields), or you could use Email Messages -> Email Server Owners in Virtualmin.

However, I don’t believe that’s what you’re after.

Could you explain what you’re trying to do that’s different from the above?


Yep sorry for not being more detailed ! Right now emails of customers are managed by ISP1. He is going to move to me (ISP2). so I’m going to setup same mailboxes as previous hosting but during few days emails will still arrive on old server and more and more on new server ! So I wanted a solution to be able to do it smoothly and without pain for client :wink:
I was thinking to setup a forwarder on all “old” email boxes to be forwarded to new ones but need a way to get them accessible from old server.



How many mailboxes are you talking about?

If you don’t have too many accounts –

You could always setup an alias on your new server that’s associated with the newly migrated domain(s) (you’d need a different alias for each domain).

For example, if you migrate to your new server, give it an alias using a domain that is already pointed at the new box… perhaps

And then in Virtualmin on your old server, go into each email account, and configure it to forward incoming emails to

That can be time consuming if you have many accounts though.

Some other options –

Change the DNS TTL, so that it’s set very very low, prior to the email change over. This should really reduce how many emails go to the old server.

From there, you could always just use rsync to copy any newly received email from the old server to the new one. You could make that into a script, and have it run from cron on occasion for a few days.

I’ve also had good luck with imapsync, that’s a tool that can help you sync email from one server to another.


Lover the TTL to 5 min, wait for old TTL to run off, change DNS and the changes will happen in really short amount of time. If you do this during dead hours for your client no mail will be lost.

Eh, Eric was faster. :slight_smile: