email hold-and-forward (secondary)

Howdi All

I have a small issue I would like to see if I can fix. I have just moved the secondary server to a VPS and now I am having a small issue with the backup mail server. I did have this working with the last server by simply following the howto here.

But now with the secondaries move to a new home it seems to have developed a limp. I will explain. Following the above howto again everything seems to work ok with the backup email server working as expected. My problem lies with once the backup email server is added, if I create any NEW domains the server information is not written to the primary or secondary DNS servers despite saying so on the screen as the server is created.

But if I go to the secondary server remove and readd it all information is added and it works.

The only difference between the old setup and the new setup is the secondary is now on 10.04 64 bit were previously they were both on 10.04 32 bit (not that this should make any difference)

So any help where to start would be helpful


Hi Guys my question has been posted for over a week with no response.

Could you please respond.