Email Going Directly To Yahoo Spam Filter

I have everything working, my ubuntu virtualmin server is sending mail, from MS Outlook and from the webmail interface, but everything I send to yahoo for a test is landing in the spam folder. I have an spf record for the server name, and I have a ptr record set up at the colo. Is there more I need to do?

Your IP may be "dirty" from past use; or some MTAs block entire datacenters for being "spamhavens"; or Yahoo! as all freemailers could be just plain "broken".

You can test whether your IP is on public blocklists at:

but many MTAs also use private lists and other things. Yahoo! likes if you DKIM sign your messages, but adding that doesn’t necessarily take you out of their spam folder.

My IP address is clean. The problem persists. I have contacted yahoo by support email, so far I have only received back canned replys. Still hopeful…

The colo facility had a contact over at yahoo that whitelisted the server IP address. Filling out the forms, etc., did nothing. This issue is resolved.