Email from virtual hosts

OS type and version Debian 10
Virtualmin version 7.1-1

My Virtualmin is running pretty well but I’m facing one issue that has me scratching my head as to if it’s the appliance on the virtual server or me not setting something right.

The virtual servers are a mix of having “Mail for domain enabled” ticked and unticked, depending if they need mail from that specific domain address. Once of the virtual servers hosts the mailboxes for a number of our service accounts.

I have a host that needs to use one of the service account mailboxes but mail tests from that virtual server fail. I’m trying to connect with the SMTP settings for that account. I have the option within the application of using smtp, mail or sendmail.

Is there anything I should be setting so this Virtual server can send mail to the other VS on the host?

There are two things you should do at first:

  1. Contact your ISP and ask if they allow port 25 (for mail exchange between mail servers)
  2. Share details from a maillog when you’re trying to send mail

The postfix service is on the host server running virtualmin.
The service account email is configured on a virtual server on the virtualmin host
The application trying to use the service account email is configured on a different virtual server on the virtualmin host.

I’ve got round this issue for now by changing the application to use Sendmail, instead of smtp but at some point I will move the application virtual server onto another virtualmin host and the sendmail may have an issue at that point!

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