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We domain hosted on the server but email end up in spam

How we can improve

Reverse Dns setup
Static ip


How we can improve

Lots of possible reasons:

  • It’s a new server.
  • The IP you’re using is blacklisted.
  • Configuration problems.
  • Poor content / structure in emails.

There’s a very, very long list of what it could be.

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I have this ip address for almost 7 years

ip is not black listed

send a email to gmail, on the right you see 3 dots. Click and in the drop down select Show Original.
Do you see all passes?

X-Google-DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20210112; t=1677625483;
X-Gm-Message-State: AO0yUKV5eP8f6BNdesg5R3TIXqpN4WHyuAUdg3qn0+2tbYw1yc6+mh46 pSujQEJIu0umjuNFkw+Mutoop4M0OPZ1ZFO00k9/qIQTUo0IT7Mq

I didn’t need all that just what I pasted, section above that but I can see spf=none so you need to fix it. Use mxtools to test and there is plenty of info on the internet on how add these setting and on the forum this has been discussed. These are basic things to know if your running a mail server.
ie Add your SPF record at your domain provider - Google Workspace Admin Help

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all

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@paulfromsurry - A little bit of advice always redact/edit any posting on the internet to remove ALL references to IP addresses, domain names and emails as you are inviting bad elements out there who scan the web for such things to obtain targets for malware. Although I would guess the security of this site to be pretty good, there may still be bots or idle users who may still gain access and scan the site for such information, it is not worth the risk. A clean IP address is like gold - protect it.

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Also, since you published all of your information, your DMARC policy is not enabled.

Thank you for the advice

Thank you so much

Only issue is right now how to setup DKIM /Cloudflare

You need to copy the TXT record for DKIM from your Virtualmin to Cloudflare DNS. Go to DNS records on your Virtualmin and click “Manually Edit Records” button at the bottom.

DKIM is a TXT record. You need to look for Copy it entirely to Cloudflare it’s a long record.

If you need someone to go in there and help you, you can this this Fiverr gig,

Why in heaven should the OP (or anyone, for that matter) contact you?

Signing up on a forum and immediately publicly posting your email address is beyond foolish

Basically, you need to learn to set up a mail server properly

A useful way to test one’s mail is try a test at . What score does your email get? (Note that they give a few free tests each day)

because they would like to receive SPAM ? or replies containing malware ?

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