Email Data installation by mail

Hello, I have installed virtualmin pro + whmcs, when a client makes a request it is installed virtual with username and password and all this information arrives at the user’s email, for example (user, password, url etc) but the user does not receive the data Of the script also installed (dolibar) the scripts were installed correctly previously. Is it possible to send the script installation data such as user, password, url? Thank you very much for the community help.

Help please friends, I need to install Dolibarr, wordpress automatically through Server Template send an email to the user with name and password.
By mail I receive the following:

The following virtual server has been set up successfully :

Domain name: ${DOM}
Hosting server: ${HOSTNAME}
Virtual IP address: ${IP}
Administration login: ${USER}
Administration password: ${PASS}
Administration URL: ${WEBMIN_PROTO}://www.${DOM}:${WEBMIN_PORT}/

Website: http://www.${DOM}/
Webalizer log reporting: Enabled
Webalizer log reporting: Disabled

Email domain: ${DOM}
SMTP server: mail.${DOM}
POP3 server: mail.${DOM}
Backup SMTP servers: ${MX_SLAVES}

DNS domain: ${DOM}
Nameserver: ${DNS_SERVER}
Slave nameservers: ${DNS_SLAVES}

MySQL database: ${DB}
MySQL login: ${MYSQL_USER}
MySQL password: ${MYSQL_PASS}
MySQL password: ${PASS}

PostgreSQL database: ${DB}
PostgreSQL login: ${USER}
PostgreSQL password: ${PASS}


As I mentioned earlier I do not receive the data, user, password, url address.