Email Client.

Hi i have some kind of problem. I installed Virtualmin. I created new email address. I can send and receive email through Usermin. But I wan’t to use some mail client like Thunderbird, Opera mail, etc…
I can’t find any solution when i try to login.
And is this how i need to setup dns zones on godaddy?


What problem is it that you’re having exactly when using an email client such as Thunderbird?

If you receive an error, what error is it that you get?


This is what i get.
I also tryed to add IP of server instead of
Link to image.

It seems that the hostname “” does not exist. You need to create that at Godaddy. Note that you have “” there, which is probably not what you want.

Like this?
I created under Cname new dns zone “mail” which points to @ and @ points to ip.
And what then to type into Thunderbird to properly connect?


You can enter any domain name or hostname into Thunderbird, you just need to verify that the name you enter resolves to your IP address.

If you wish to use “”, what you entered at GoDaddy appears correct so long as the domain you entered that into is “”.


Thanks, but this still doesn’t work.
in field pop3 i entered
in field smtp also
But still i get this error.
And just to tell mail.inkatatem and resolve my ip address.

Now works.
I needed to edit file under postfix.