Email backup and restore (roundcube)

I had Cpanel with roundcube email.
I crate backup from my root of host :
in virtualmin I install the roundcube module , and now I want to restore my backup , but I can’t find the Mail in my host.
someone would please tell me what to do?

Kindly provide your OS version, Virtualmin version, etc

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Roundcube is a web based email client. It has nothing to do with the backup and restore of email. To avoid confusion, you should check if your email has been restored successful independently of Roundcube.

Usermim is an alternative web based email client that is guaranteed to work out of the box with Virtualmin. On a new system, you should use Usermin rather than an untested email client to check if your email restore is successful.

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OS type and version:Ubuntu Linux 20.04.2
Webmin version:Webmin version 1.973
Virtualmin version:Virtualmin version 6.16
RoundCube 1.4.11

As Niel said, Roundcube is just an IMAP email client. It really has nothing to do with backup or restore. It takes the email address and password entered and uses those credentials to connect to the IMAP server the way any other mail client would. The only difference is that it runs on the server.

In other words, the mail “in” Roundcube can’t be backed up or restored because there’s nothing “in” Roundcube to backup or restore. It’s just a client, not a server.

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