Email attachment sizes

Whereabouts in the settings would I go to increase the allowed size of attached files to outgoing emails?

We can’t send anything over 2MB and need it higher, but I can’t find the setting to change. Is it in Virtualmin settings or Webmin settings?


You didn’t say what you are using to send email. If it is like Squirrelmail, then the size limit is in php.ini. You can change it there. Be sure to restart httpd when you make the change.

Sorry, didn’t include that info. For sending attachments we use our regular email clients – most are using Outlook and a couple use Thunderbird. In both cases, trying to send files over a certain size cause it to fail with this error:

"The sex of the message you are trying to send exceeds the global size limit (10240000 bytes) of the server. The message was not sent, try to reduce the message size and try again."

I know the numbers (10240000) indicate 10MB, but I have message fail that are 3MB with this error.

do you have mail quotas set? The outgoing mail will still contribute to the user mail quota. Or the quota for a mail user might be too close to the virtual server quota. Are you placing spam in a folder and not throwing it away? Are your quotas hard or soft?

Interesting error message though, I don’t believe Virtualmin or webmin have gender settings… :wink:

nice one Dan :slight_smile: