Email & FTP users in virtualmin

It is very confusing how FTP and Email users is done in virtualmin.

I cant tell who is an email user from who is an ftp user…I have to actually click on them to see the properties defined for each.

Infact if i click on Add a website FTP user the title of the page says Create Mailbox…which just adds to the confusion.

Will there be more clarity to this are in a future release? Like separating them out?

I’ve actually been meaning to ask about that myself :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good suggestion – I’d recommend creating a feature request using the Bugs and Issues link below to ask about that.

They won’t be separated, but better labeling probably would be nice.

The “Website FTP user” is separate, though, and shouldn’t be labeled Create Mailbox at all. It’s not intended for creating mailbox users at all. Definitely a bug. :wink:

Take into consideration the "Login Access" column. Where if its an FTP user account it has FTP in that column only

Or if its an Email it as Email in that column only

Or if its all the above like in the case of the main user Email, FTP, SSH.

and so on…

But now I am looking at one of my users that FTP only and in the “Login Access” column it has him listed as Email and FTP. Actually, that is the major part that confused me, because it’s mis-identifying the users. So if that column can be used to identify a user correctly that would be perfect.