Email accounts management


I have a domain and I’d like to create email accounts for that domain.

Can Virtualmin help with that? If yes, do I have to install Webmin first?


Yes and no. Webmin will be installed with Virtualmin by default. You can add mail accounts to an existing virtual server in Virtualmin.
Go to the virtual server which you want an email for -> edit users -> add a user to this server.
There you can select what kind of account it will be (mail, ftp or both, /etc).
Virtualmin in combination with Webmin is really powerfull. Check out the mainsite what features it has.

Ok, so with Virtualmin I can create, and so on?

And where will the emails be stored? A Mysql database?


That’s correct, you can create such mailboxes via Virtualmin.

Virtualmin does not store email in a mySQL database. The default option is Maildir with support for mbox and MH.

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