Email account users cannot login through Usermin

I’ve got a pretty general problem here, where users cannot login through usermin (eg. using the correct username/password - they’re greeted every time with the ‘Login failed. Please try again.’ message.

However, if I’m logged in to Virtualmin and hit the ‘Login to Usermin’ button then I can access it just fine.

I’ve checked /var/usermin/miniserv.log and it just shows the session_login.cgi page being served, and I’ve checked /var/usermin/miniserv.error and there’s nothing recorded at all.

Any clues where to start looking to fix this? Many thanks, Benjamin


Well, using the “Login to Usermin” button uses a different way of accessing Usermin. I’d be curious – can you access email using a desktop client such as Outlook or Thunderbird?

Also, you may want to double-check that the username is correct… by default, usernames are in the format “username.domain_name”. The actual username can be seen in the “Edit Mail and FTP Users” screen.

Lastly, do you see anything in the mail log regarding the login attempts? That would be either /var/log/maillog, or /var/log/mail.log, depending on your distro.


Apologies again everyone, my second post here and it’s the second time I’ve gone on to find the answer myself!

In the interest of recording the fix, I found some advice to check out /var/log/secure and found that a duff line in my /etc/pam.d/usermin was causing PAM to refuse connections through it’s Perl module. All sorted, hope this helps someone else out!

Hey andreychek, thanks for the quick response - didn’t catch it before I posted above!