Education Discount for Upgrade Virtualmin Unlimited to Virtualmin Lifetime Unlimited

I have used Education Virtualmin Unlimited LIcensed that will be expired on 04/27/2013, I need to Upgrade my Virtualmin Unlimited to Virtualmin Lifetime Unlimited, but the cost $500 is too high for our Education Institution, Can You give us a special discount for those price. Please.


Thanks for your interest in Virtualmin!

You had asked about that issue previously though – Joe’s response to your question is here:

In short – the discounts are only available on the yearly subscription licenses, there aren’t discounts on lifetime unlimited licenses.

Next year, when it’s time to renew, just a file a support request and we can discuss your extension.


I’m interested in this discount too! Maybe there are some changes from the last darte it was asked? :slight_smile: I realize that it is very useful thing to pay but i’m a student and don’t have so much money. I tried to earn more money abroad or at the internet. I even tried to write education articles here and smth like but it isn’t too much.