Editor in Filemin

Rocky Linux 9.3 REQUIRED
Webmin version 2.105 REQUIRED
Linux 5.14.0-362.13.1.el9_3.x86_64 on x86_64

I’m struggling with finding a place to configure how to make the text editing functionality in the Filemin Module to:

  1. Text Color, for example if I’m opening an XML file. I should see separate text colors when a section is commented out versus when it’s active etc…
    For example, here’s a snip from an xml

I’ve seen filemin behavior like this in the past. I’m missing the “why” aren’t my new webmin installs doing the same thing? This is on an older RHEL 6 instance.

  1. How do I extend the row count when I have the file editor open?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, feeling a bit silly about question number two. I found that I can just stretch the text editor screen from the bottom right corner of the editor. So part two of the question is basically resolved. How would I go about setting text color as shown in the above graphic within this thread?

Within the filemin module, there’s a prefs.username file. Where can I check documentation to see all the options for this?

Text highlight depends on the file mode, which is either detected automatically or selected manually at the top right of the editor (next to the save button and encoding select).

If you’re looking to use a dark palette for the editor it can be changed in Theme Configuration page using Code highlight color palette option.

I suppose I have to be in “Authentic” theme to see all these selections because they’re not available in classic “Framed Theme”?

No, they aren’t. File Manager is most powerful with Authentic Theme only.

Ok thanks for that info. I just switched themes and the text colors were automatic. I also see the features you spoke of in the UI. Has it been decided that grey framed theme will no longer have/support the file mode for the text highlight functionality in the filemin editor? I’m not emotional about it. I’d just rather tell my boss directly what’s going on so he doesn’t expect me to fix it.

We’re not supporting it in Framed Theme.

Thank you. I appreciate the update.

@Ilia I have cloned modules in my config. One of the modules is filemin. In my “filemin2” cloned module, the fly out window where the edit selection is doesn’t appear at all. Is this known behavior?

It may not work as expected when filemin module is cloned. Don’t do it. There is no reason for cloning it.

Can I move the original module to a custom category? Or would that create unexpected behavior as well?

Yes, category shouldn’t matter at all.