Edit Virtual Server, setting IP address

Not sure if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong… I’m editing an existing virtual server and trying to change it to have its own IP address so I can enable SSL for that server. I go to Edit Virtual Server put my new IP address in the Virtual Interface slot and click save. I get “Failed to modify server : The virtual interface IP address is already in use” So I go back and hunt around to find an “already active” checkbox like there is when creating a new virtual server, but there isn’t one. Is there supposed to be one? Is there another way to do this when the interface is already active?

To Import SSL Cert and Key

  1. In Virtualmin, select the domain from the left menu, and click on Edit Virtual Server.

  2. In the Configurable Settings section, select ‘Create now with IP’ and enter a new unused IP address into the adjacent textbox.

  • Note1: All SSL website needs to have their own dedicated IP address. You can only have 1 SSL cert on 1 IP address.
  • Note 2: Make sure that you have NOT used the IP address as a Shared IP address. (If you have, see below for rectification process)
  • Note 3: DO NOT create a network interface with the IP address via] Webmin] Networking] Network Configuration] Network Interface. (If you have, see below for rectification process)
  1. In the ‘Enabled features’ section, check the box next ‘SSL website enabled?’

  2. Click the ‘Save Virtual Server’ button.

  3. On the left menu under ‘Server Configuration’ click on ‘Manage SSL Certificate’.

  4. In the ‘New Certificate’ tab, paste in or upload your certificate and key files, and click Install Now.

Rectification Process
(if you have created a network interface with the IP address you want to use for SSL)

  1. Select the domain from the left menu, and click on Change IP Address, select the ‘Shared address for all servers’ option and click Change Now.
  2. Click on Shared IP Addresses on the left menu, under System Settings.
  3. Remove the IP that the domain used to be on from the shared list, and click Save.
  4. Go to Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Network Interfaces, and delete the virtual interface with that IP address from both the ‘active’ and ‘boot time’ list.
  5. Re-try from step 2 in instructions above.

CREDITS: All detailed instructions provided by the genius named Jamie Cameron

Oh, now[b><i>that’s</i></b> intuitive! :wink:


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We’re aware of the complexity in this particular task, thanks to A H and another user bringing it to our attention in the issue tracker. We’re trying to figure out how to make it more intuitive without having to make it yet another menu item or a whole new form. Actually, many things relating to SSL are problematic in Virtualmin. Everything I can think of is possible…but “easy” and “obvious” are not words that spring to mind when describing their current implementation.