Edit Virtual Server | external IP address


I’ve just installed Virtualmin and created a new virtual server to host one of my domains, while I’m going through the options, under Edit Virtual Server settings, I found “External IP Settigns” and I have 2 options:
Same as real address or I can specify one.

Which one you suggest would be best here?

thank you!


I would suggest the default, unless there’s a reason you’re looking to change that.

Is there a problem of some sort that you’re running into?


So far I’m not having issues, I’m trying to understand all the interface and the modules before attempting to start hosting my domains.

Another question, I got a VPS and they don’t provide DNS, so I registered my own at my local registar. Now for the websites to work, where I need to put the DNS information in Virtualmin? I have 3 different domains I would like to host, so I would imagine they need to point to my public IP… so far I’ve created 1 virtual server to see how it goes but not sure what to do next. I have the domain and the DNS ready, now what’s next?



You can setup your server to act as a nameserver for any of your domains.

There’s some information on how to do that here in the article titled “How do I setup nameservers for my server”: